Josh's Story

Josh is the creator of The 7 Systems of Influence, a framework used by leaders to attract attention, earn respect, and build relationships of trust.

Josh is the founder of MWI, an award-winning, global marketing agency he launched in 1999. In 2013, however, a critical mistake placed MWI on the edge of bankruptcy with only three clients left to support it. Although the mistake was corrected, MWI needed to attract clients–quickly.

At this pivotal moment, Josh was invited to contribute articles to Forbes. The articles Josh wrote brought widespread attention and led to opportunities to write more than 300 articles for more than two dozen publications including Time, Inc., Entrepreneur, Fast Company, Mashable, and TechCrunch. Josh was invited to give a TEDx talk to an audience of over 1,000 in Hong Kong, and since then has become a public speaker at events worldwide and appeared on national and international TV and radio as well as more than 80 podcasts.

In 2016, Josh published Chief Marketing Officers at Work, which includes interviews with 29 CMOs from companies like Spotify, Target, PayPal, GE, and The Home Depot. It was recognized as one of the 5 Best Business Books of 2016 in Success Magazine, and named one of 11 Marketing Books Every CMO Should Read by Forbes.

His second book, 60 Days to LinkedIn Mastery, was released in October, 2021, and became an instant Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestseller.

Josh grew up in Los Angeles and speaks fluent Portuguese, passable Spanish, and a bit of Mandarin after living in Asia for six years.

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